Friday, April 29, 2011

Hey, Where'd My Blogger Go?

I'm off to Camp Blogaway in a couple of hours, and I couldn't be more excited.  Not only for the fun location in the San Bernardino Mountains, or the good company of other food bloggers, or the food (there will be GF options for me, yay.)  All those things are great reasons to go, but I'm ready to learn a ton and bring back some knowledge for y'all and improve my blog.

But don't worry, I'll be back next week! 

Have a great weekend; I know I will :)


  1. It was great to meet you this weekend. You had me laughing all weekend!

  2. Hey, bunkmate! Loved meeting you and spending some time bonding over potato trivia. Who says we don't know our spuds? :)
    Look forward to reconnecting again soon!