Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gluten Free NYC! Part 3: Tu-Lu's Bakery

Welcome to my Gluten Free NYC Travel Series!  Stay tuned for fantastic suggestions for GF and Allergic travelers :)

A stone's throw from one of my other favorite East Village eateries, S'MAC, a charming bakery resides.  Tu-Lu's is clearly a labor of love from one Celiac to another.  Tully, the friendly owner and creator, brings you in with a sweetly decorated case full of lots of tempting treasures.  Row after row of sugary goodness, just waiting there for you and me.


Tu-Lu's has options for all kinds of eaters: You have several GF choices and you can bring your Vegan friends who have many choices too:

Tu-Lu's also whips up special treats for holidays and occasions, updating loyal customers via Twitter.

The most difficult part of visiting Tu-Lu's was certainly choosing what to sample, and how much to bring back.  You see, my friend and I were traveling back with the goods on the subway in the hottest days of summer.  This would certainly not only be a test of how good the treats were, but how well they stood up in the dismal, crushing NYC heat.

Challenge accepted.

We made it back to my hotel in one piece.  The mini cupcakes did well, however, the frosting definitely drooped.  No matter.  My favorite was the Chocolate w/ Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting.  I also tried the Vanilla w/ Chocolate frosting, Strawberry, and Red Velvet.

 a little droopy, but delicious

The flavors were all there.  In terms of full disclosure, I purchased a brownie which didn't make it back to the hotel.  I got too excited on the way back and relished it accordingly.  I would also like to mention that my non-GF friend was chowing down happily on all of her cupcakes (she tried the Peanut Butter one that I couldn't eat) remarking that they were quite good and she would gladly eat them again and again.

 her box definitely had less frosting meltage

I have to apologize both to Tu-Lu's and to you, reader, as you'll notice these may be the worst pictures I've taken to date in terms of my horribly focused camera.  Since then, I have corrected the problem as best as I can, but you'll notice the pictures are a bit blurry.  Please note that Tu-Lu's baked goods are not blurry in person ;)

Make sure that if you want a GF sweet treat when you hit the big apple, that you don't miss Tu-Lu's.  They're perfect for dessert after GF Mac & Cheese.

Stay Tuned for Part 4: Risotteria.
Did you miss Part 1 or 2?

Tu-Lu's Bakery (338 East 11th Street New York, NY 10003, Phone:212-777-2227,

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