Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gluten Free NYC! Part 2: People's Pops

Welcome to my Gluten Free NYC Travel Series!  Stay tuned for fantastic suggestions for GF and Allergic travelers :)

As we near summer, tourists and city-dwellers alike are going to be looking for a sweet treat to cool them down while the sidewalks cook their feet.  The perfect solution is People's Pops.  Upon the suggestion of my brilliant friend who had "heard good things" I made a stop at People's Pops store space, also located in Chelsea Market.

A modest counter with a beautifully decorated chalkboard behind it and a very friendly, helpful worker; People's Pops creates temptations with the help of local and sustainable fruits and herbs.

The biggest problem by far with visiting PP is that it's only socially acceptable to eat one popsicle at a time.  I was extremely tempted to order every flavor, which rotates depending on what is in season and available.  I eventually, after much hemming & hawing, went with Plum & Tarragon.

A more perfect marriage couldn't be orchestrated by Hollywood.  Delicious, in every way.  This deceptively simple offering will please your palette accordingly.  My friend opted for another flavor, I believe it was a Peach & Chamomile (this is definitely the drawback of blogging about places long after you visit.)  They also offer shaved ice if that's more your bag.  If I had my way, with no public stigma or calories attached, I would probably just stick around and eat all the flavors.  Purely as a scientific experiment, to get the best overall impression ;)

Though it seemed silly for me to even ask, I did mention the Gluten Free of it all.  I was assured, as I had imagined, that the popsicle ingredients were fine & fresh local produce (naturally GF of course.)  And I don't worry about the possibilities of contamination in a setting where no gluten is used at all (personal choice.)  Furthermore, the only feeling I had after my consumption was euphoria, so I'm going to say that it was definitely a safe treat!

Unfortunately for us, People's Pops seems to only be available seasonally as of now, so make sure to follow their website and blog to find out where they will be setting up shop and when.  Don't forget to venture outside of the store-front (re-opening April 15th) to visit their market stops.  The best way to enjoy these suckers is on a stroll.  Do not, DO NOT miss out.

Stay tuned for Part 3: Tu-lu's Bakery.  Did you miss Part 1?

People's Pops (locations vary, seasonally,

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