Monday, November 8, 2010

Mamma Mia

Here I go again.  My, my, how can I resist you Pizza!

I think that's how the song should have gone personally.  It really should be re-recorded like that using one of those kid songs systems where the CD personalizes all of the music for your child.  So that you have Abba singing, and then all of a sudden a deep, male voice comes on and growls PIZZA....*

*The above moment of insanity was brought to you by my utter and dire love of all things Pizza.

On Halloween, since I don't go trick-r-treating because 1) I'm too old and 2) It's too allergy dangerous, I made myself some treats at home.  One being this delicious looking pizza!

Mmmmmmmmm.  Tasty looking no?

This time, I made the pizza crust using my allergy-free Sorghum Crust (any all-purpose GF flour would do) for a yummy, healthier, whole wheat feel.  I prepared the crust as directed, then I topped with soy-less tomato sauce, 1/4 lb lean ground beef, and part-skim mozzarella cheese.  I seasoned the lovely with black truffle salt, pepper, basil and oregano.  Result:  Awesomeness personified!!!

It was just as good as my BLT pizza too.  I'm thinking there's an awesome fall pizza in my future too, so stay tuned folks!  For directions on how to make an almost allergy-free pizza crust (it does have yeast) go here.

On a final and cautionary note, I wouldn't go around adding the word "Pizza" to popular Abba songs.  After all, "Dancing queen, young and sweet, only 17 Pizza" doesn't really work as well as the original ;)

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