Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quick & Easy: Chicken With Garlic & White Wine

Do you like your men like you like your chicken ladies? I for one wouldn't use quick & easy as a qualification for my dream man, but if he was holding this damned good chicken in his hands he might just pass go and collect 200 dollars. Enough with the crazy talk eh? Okay let's get down to it. In this ever depressing economic climate, everyone is turning to quick, easy and cheap home cooked meals. Lucky for me, I've never gotten paid very much and so I'm used to cooking on a budget. Also unlucky for me, my work day has always lasted somewhere in between 10 to 14 hours. Yeah. Sounds fun doesn't it?

Well fun or no fun, it's certainly prepared me to make easy dishes that I can crank out on Sundays and enjoy for dinner and/or lunches all week long. This system works for me because I don't usually become bored with the same dish every day. I recognize that I'm a rare breed though, because most people on the fifth day of same dish would say something like, "Oh goody! I get to have ____ again!" This is one time where being blah actually ends up being a time saver folks. Consider it. But only if you're single like me. If you're cooking for significant others or kids, I have a feeling their faces wouldn't even fake a smile on day three of the weekly dish.

Anyhow, I ended up making this chicken on a Monday night because Sunday had run away from me. It's so easy that you will have the patience to cook it on a manic Monday. Trust me, you don't need a complicated recipe or long ingredient list to satisfy your palate.

Q&E Chicken With Garlic & White Wine
(stay tuned for the yummy zucchini recipe shown with it)

4 tsp of crushed garlic paste (organic jarred or in tube)
8 boneless, skinless chicken breast steaks
sea salt
olive oil
4 splashes of white wine

Generously grease a large skillet with olive oil and put over medium heat.
Lay out the breast steaks, painting each side with crushed garlic paste to taste. I like garlic, so I lay it on.
Add 4 breast steaks to the skillet, turning over every 5 minutes until cooked through.
Add a splash of white wine & sea salt **Be careful! Wine has alcohol (duh) and will bubble up when added to hot oil and pan.
Turn the chicken over in the bubbling wine, making sure to coat.
Simmer a couple minutes to incorporate and remove.
Repeat the process with the other 4 steaks.

The chicken turned out extremely tender and flavorful; you would have never guessed it was a haphazard attempt at using whatever was in the refrigerator. You CAN make dinner quick, easy, cheap and yummy! I'll make it a habit to now post many Q&E recipes for all you working stiffs out there. Especially you Dream Man. What do you mean you can't cook, Dream Man? You just have to practice.

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