Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You Scream, I Scream

Yes folks, that's right.  We all scream for Ice Cream, which means there's a lot of screaming going on.  This month's You Want Pies With That challenge is for a pie that exemplifies summer to each and every one of the talented bakers involved.  The suggestion comes from two of our very talented multi-winners, Mary and Rebecca.

Now, my last month's entry for YWPWT droned on and on about how my childhood was summer and how my memories were summery, and how my pie was basically in honor of summer.  Ouch. Looks like I should've saved it for a summery category!  But never fear, because I dug deep for my inspiration and I likey what I found.

It's hot out.  Naturally, you want something cold.  Iced tea?  No, something with more character. Lemonade?  Something sweeter maybe.  Wait, do you hear those bells?  Is that the Ice Cream Van?  Maybe you'd like some to go with your scorching sun...

And I always did and still do.  I love a good ice cream, and to me that really tops a summer day off with a sweet, lovely, and tantalizing sensation.  When the ice cream van stopped by and all the kids would run away from jumping through the sprinklers or dock their bikes on their driveways, I would run along too.  My favorite was the Chipwich.

A Chipwich is an ice cream sandwich that is composed of vanilla ice cream rolled in chocolate chips in between two chocolate chip cookies.  And it's awesome.  It's so good you want to name your first child Chipwich, or Chip for short.  So a second to my summery thoughts last month, I shall propose that summer equals my favorite ice cream sandwich.

But making the sandwich into a pie with just vanilla ice cream was too easy for me.  I had to spruce it up a bit for my more adult palate.  So, between two crusts resembling giant chocolate chip cookies, I layered Hagen Das Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream first, then placed fresh sliced strawberries on top, finished off with Hagen Das Vanilla Ice Cream.  Sort of Neopolitan, if you will.

Neopolitan Chipwich Ice Cream Pie

1 pint chocolate ice cream, softened
1 pint vanilla ice cream, softened
1 quart fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced
3 packages GF shortbreads or cookie of choice
soy-free chocolate chips to sprinkle

Crush 3 packages of GF shortbreads to make about 2 cups of crumbs.
Pour 1 cup of crumbs into the base of a tart pan and sprinkle with chocolate chips to resemble a giant cookie.
Pour softened chocolate ice cream on top, carefully layering it over the crumbs, and freeze until par-frozen (30 mins-2 hours depending on freezer)
Press sliced strawberries into par-frozen ice cream and re-free until frozen.
Pour softened vanilla ice cream on top, and free until par-frozen.
Pour 1 cup of crumbs onto the vanilla and sprinkle with chocolate chips.
Freeze until ready to serve.

Note:  The engineering of this pie is kind of tricky.  Here's what I would do to avoid the problems I had.  I would use strawberry ice cream instead of fresh frozen strawberries, because the real strawberries are very difficult to cut through.  I would also wait 20 minutes with the pie out of the freezer before attempting to saw through it.  I was trying to get a picture so I rushed, and it was nearly impossible.

So that's all folks.  Almost didn't make it as I had to detour to the hospital tonight, but all is mostly well so don't worry too much about me :) Can't wait to see what the other fabulous creatives on the blogroll came up with.  You should check it out too!


  1. What a creative take on a chipwich! I love them and I love this. Fabulous, dahling :)

  2. Yummy! I love Neapolitan ice cream!! This looks great!


  3. I remember when Chipwich's came out when I was little. I completely associate them with summer. Good idea!

  4. Looks like a perfect way to beat the summer heat. Yummy!!!