Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Have a Date for My New Kitchen & Oh, Yeah... A Medical Procedure to Boot!

Good news to all!  I will be moving into my flat on Tuesday which means (fanfare please) I will have a kitchen once again!!  To the non-allergic, this may sound like not such big news, but my poor allergic body has been having a time of it these past few weeks.  Unfortunately, my allergies and immune system totally decided to jump ship earlier this week; they'd had enough.  And hey, I don't blame them.  I've been putting them through a lot lately.  But Tuesday dear body, get ready for a controlled food environment that I know you've been dying for- literally.  Trust me, I've spared you reader from some of the less pleasant moments.

Now to good news part two.  When I passed this last kidney stone they found another one.  And let's be honest; I can't pass another one of these suckers.  I'd rather be killed (almost.)  The pain is unbelievable!  Anyways, I met with a urologist this past week aka a doctor I thought I wouldn't need until my 70's, and he ordered another kidney ultrasound.  What was there, you say?  Two stones!!  Two!! One hiding behind the other.  Bastards.  They're large too. Lucky me. But wait!  You said good news; where's the good news?!  Here it is: I qualify for the ESWL, which basically uses ultrasound waves to break up the stones so I don't have to pass them. Instead, they brake into teensy bits that pass naturally, and most importantly, pain free. Well, almost pain free.  I guess your kidney feels like it's been punched after.  Okay, that sucks, but hey, no more stones, right?  Let's all hope against hope that this is the last time I'll be dealing with this kidney soap opera I've been living with.  

This good news brings me into better spirits today.  I had to stop posting for a few; I was getting soooo sick (remember all that stuff I spared you from?) and now I'm starting to feel a little bit better.  I'm starting to have some energy again, I'm reintroducing food, and I have two good things to look forward to. Yay positivity; welcome back.

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