Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welcome To My Kitchen: As deep as a small closet, as wide as a dining chair

Welcome to my cooking blog which will prove to be informational for those with and without allergies and diet restrictions.  What compelled me to join the rest of the planet in creating my own blog?  I wish I could say it was to share my journey and my frustrations with you but I'm afraid it was a little more selfish- I wanted to connect with another cooking blog out there and had to have my own to do so.

But now that I'm here, it occurs to me that the way I prepare food for myself each week might be helpful for those out there who are stuck with frustrating limitations.  The purpose of You Can't Eat What? is to share my weekly culinary adventures with you, reader, demonstrating that cooking healthy, clean dishes can be simple and sometimes frugal.  I don't want to focus anymore on all the things I can't eat, but instead, all the things I can create with what I have left.

And yes, it's true, I used to love all food.  Everything about it.  The way certain things danced across my tongue and delighted my senses.  But eventually the dancing turned into an unpleasant array of symptoms which now I have to manage.  And every now I eye that candy bar in the store and it feels wrong, like the when you smile at the guy on the other side of the room who you know is bad for you that you want a small piece of.  The difference is that now, that candy, eye or otherwise, is not coming home with me.

So let's get started; I'm starved!!

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