Sunday, June 13, 2010

Um, This is Embarrassing...

What I'm about to share with you dear reader is a little secret that I know you'll keep just between us:  sometimes, no matter how good your intentions are you occasionally make an eyeball.

Yes, I said eyeball.  At this moment in time, you've stopped to say, Suz, what the hell are you talking about.  Well I'll show you-

See.  Eyeball.

This occular disaster is unfortunately my horrific contribution to this month's challenge for You Want Pies With That?  Now I have no one good excuse, just a lot of little ones that really don't make up for the above picture.  You see, I had the honor of choosing the theme with my wonderful co-winner Sara of Cupcake Muffin.  We chose a pie inspired by your favorite frozen drink to sip at the beach.  And even though I specifically threw in the clause that the pie itself did not have to be frozen, I did not heed my own warning.

You see, I made another frozen pie for one of these challenges, and it was probably the most annoying/trickiest pie I've ever made.  Until now.  I should just stop making frozen pies because really I have no knack for it!

I made a pie inspired by a blueberry margarita.  Although not the first flavor of margarita you'd expect to find, I love the smooth sweetness with the tang of tequila.  Plus I love freshly muddled blueberries in any cocktail really.  And even though the result of my pie tastes really delicious, I tell you, what an ugly duckling it turned out to look like.

I made individual pies, because drinks come individually.  The crust, you can't see because it froze in the glass recepticle its sitting in.  Then the white layer is vanilla ice cream blended with salt and lime, to mimic the salted rim of a margarita and lime wedge.  The inside is a homemade blueberry granita that mimics the texture of a frozen blended drink.  Actually, I love the flavor combo and I LOVE the granita; I think I'll make it much more often than I do now.

Due to the fact that this didn't work at all in the process of making it even look that good and construct it, I'm not really going to instruct you on how to make it.  Let's just say it involved an attempt at constructing a parchment paper structure to make the center freeze round (it didn't work), softening a lot of ice cream, cutting myself with a knife trying to pry out the crust, which just made a hole around the crust for the softened (ahem melted) ice cream to freeze over, ruining the entire structural integrity of said pie.  Oh, and my fingers turned blue :)  But that part didn't bother me, go figure!

So sometimes you aspire to greatness, and other times you make an eyeball.  Oh well.  Who doesn't like eyeballs?

Please be gentle with your comments ;)